The ReVENT® Sleep Apnea System is a dynamic, minimally invasive, biocompatible implant for tongue based obstructions. The procedure is performed by an ENT surgeon and has a quick recovery time. It addresses the non-compliance issues associated with CPAP therapy, and can obviate the need for invasive surgical procedures.


The implant’s unique features and mode of action creates the first implantable OSA treatment that:

  • Addresses people with varying degrees of OSA – mild, moderate and severe
  • Is minimally invasive
  • Doesn’t affect normal speech or swallowing
  • Is a very quick one-time procedure
  • Has a fast recovery time with low pain
  • Is complementary with other therapies
  • Provides benefit when other treatments have failed

The ReVENT Sleep Apnea System requires only a single, short procedure and offers freedom and mobility to OSA patients:

  • Does not require any implanted electronics, unsightly treatment devices, or invasive surgery
  • Does not require any maintenance, cleaning, charging or extra devices
  • Does not require any nightly routine